Stedicam Sled Weight
Stedicam sled weight

Sliding Rig
Sliding rig

Stedicam Practice Cage
Stedicam practice cage

Leveraging the combined use of computer aided design and the FACE manual machine and fabrication shop, FACE Engineering is able to offer short lead times for the manufacture of specialist equipment to aid film production.


James Sutherland has 15 years of onset experience as a grip and is used to working within the onset environment, communicating with production management, production co-ordinators and heads of department.


Were able to provide conceptual design and costing information, lead time V’s cost comparisons and facilitation to expedite services from third party suppliers.


Experience Includes:

  • Car rigging componentry.
  • Specialist rigs to aid Lighting and Grips departments.
  • Camera and camera support equipment modification and adaption.
  • Art department, Standby Props and Special Effects rigs.

FACE Engineering also provides service relating to Grips and Camera Support including:

  • Tracking vehicle build, rebuild and retrofit.
  • Tracking vehicle crane build, rebuild and retrofit.
  • Camera and camera support equipment design and manufacture.


Additionally FACE Engineering has extensive experience in in the design and manufacture of truck bodies including:

  • Catering Trucks.
  • Makeup Trucks.
  • Wardrobe Trucks.
  • Production Offices.
  • Green Rooms.

For enquiries please contact:


James Sutherland

(02) 9568 3006

0414 990 588   



Euro to 1.125 inch Adaptor
Euro to 1.125 inch Adaptor

Hand Wheels
Hand wheels

Camera Cane

Camera crane