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Custom Couch
Custom couch

Custom Display Cases
Custom display cases



FACE Engineering embraces a holistic approach to design. Our aim is to help clients achieve appealing designs that can be manufactured at a competitive price point.

Were able to offer solutions that cater to the full spectrum of product development, these solutions include:

  • Design Research.  Embracing the client’s needs and investigating solutions relative to existing and emerging / new technologies and or market styles.
  • Preliminary Product Design Modelling. This commonly involves the import of 2D hand drawn sketches or computer generated renderings, the imported files are used to develop 3D bodies or surfaces giving an overall feel for the product or design and its packing requirements. Renderings can be applied to preliminary designs offering photo realistic images. Similarly were able to provide prototypes through our machining and fabrication facility or via facilitating 3D printing services or other rapid prototyping mediums.
  • Detailed Design and Engineering. This involves bringing the design together and determining how the product is actually going to be made in consideration of a visibly and practically appealing design relative to its market price point. FACE is extremely experienced in developing design information and seeking pricing for parts production and developing manufacturing process plans.
  • Product Commissioning and Witness Testing. With the aid of the FACE Engineering machine and fabrication shop were able to offer full spectrum support with regard to product commissioning and witness testing.
  • Product Implementation. Were able to offer effective application of branding and graphic designs, via our Teamcenter data management system were also able to offer comprehensive product variant management. Additionally were able to provide packaging design, digital presentations and animations as well as product and service documentation content.   


Custom Stairs
Custom stairs

Billy cart
Billy cart


Hair wash basin

Hair wash basin