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Race Wheels
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Drive Shafts

Face Engineering has developed systems to aid suspension component design and subsequent component manufacture. This is achieved utilizing a top down design and modelling approach, base geometry templates are used to input key parameters such as roll center, anti-dive and anti-squat, caster, camber king pin inclination, scrub radius, trail and predetermined chassis pickup locations. Production assemblies are then generated for design and component validation allowing simulation and real-time potentiometer data import for overall system analysis and design optimization.


In line with FACE Engineering’s use of Siemens NX Mach Designer Bundles were able to offer Advanced Weight Management reporting.


FACE utilizes part family and reusable part systems for rod-ends, spherical bearings, common industrial and aerospace type fasteners and brake hose fittings. Additionally we have part file libraries on hand with a broad range of commonly used wheel bearings and seals.


Were able to offer design and product solutions for the following:

  • Uprights, both machined aluminium and fabricated steel.
  • Hubs, manufactured in both steel and aluminium. Styles can include centre-lock, single-stud and multi-stud types.
  • Wishbone, rocker arm, push rod, steering arm, track rod design and manufacture.
  • Wheel design to meet hub offset requirements.
  • Half shaft design and manufacture.
  • Jigs and fixtures for wishbone, upright manufacture. Press tool kits for hub and upright assembly and servicing.
  • Product documentation and service manuals.


Additionally FACE Engineering is able to offer services including:

  • Drive line component design and manufacture.
  • Body work design.
  • Chassis design
  • Engine ancillary design and manufacture.
  • Reverse engineering and part replication for historic motorsport.

For enquiries please contact:


James Sutherland

(02) 9568 3006
0414 990 588   

Suspension Geometry Construction
Suspension Geometry Construction

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Wishbone Jigs
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Suspension Assembly