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FACE Engineering has a broad range of experience in the specialist motor body building sector. We have developed a methodology of design and data management that has enabled us to integrate a great many ancillary and internal fit-out solutions for our clients offering a good feel and end user experience.


This methodology allows conceptual development realizing the client’s vision through an integration of modular design systems and componentry to offer complex tightly packaged designs at a reasonable price. This skill extends to manufacturing process planning with supporting documentation, downstream manufacturing and drafting information giving motor body building teams the ability to easily and systematically realize the design intent of a project. This allows for efficient build cycles and subsequent ease of maintenance and servicing of the motor body throughout its life span.


FACE has experience with:

  • Mobile showroom fit-outs.
  • Commercial kitchen and catering truck fit-outs.
  • Mobile food vending fit-outs.
  • Mobile workshop fit-outs.
  • Shipping Container fit-outs.
  • Trailer fit-outs for promotion, entertaining and vending.
  • Cool room trailers.
  • Flatbed truck and trailer combinations.

Integrated into all of these products are our modular designs and template parts including:

  • Folding and retractable stair access systems. 
  • Awnings, both automated and gas strut types.
  • Fold out platforms and decks, automated and manual.Pantograph and sliding door systems, automated and manual.
  • Slide-out side systems, automated and manual.
  • Generator mounting systems and auxiliary fuel tanks.
  • Water tank mounting systems.
  • Air-conditioning, refrigeration and general ancillary mounting systems.
  • Cargo bin and locker systems.
  • Gas bottle lockers and gas bottle winch systems.
  • Folding trailer drawbar systems.
  • Hydraulic levelling systems.


For enquiries please contact:

James Sutherland

(02) 9568 3006

0414 990 588

Flatbed Truck and Trailer Combinations
Flatbed Truck and Trailer Combinations

Mobile Workshop
Mobile Workshops


Retractable Steps

Retractable Steps